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Curbside Pickup: Our lobby is no longer open for in store orders. We do offer Curbside Pickup for local orders at no cost. We prioritize these orders and they are typically available quickly. However, some orders may take more time to get together - when your order is ready, we will send you an e-mail -- please wait for that e-mail before picking up!


Questions? We love to help! Call us at 1-303-763-9730.

Shipping times in transit listed at checkout are ESTIMATES only and not Guaranteed transit times. 
When you pick “USPS Priority Mail” you are picking Priority Mail from the US Postal Service. The transit times listed are provided by the US Postal Service and are not guaranteed times in transit. Time in transit is listed in business days and excludes Saturday and Sunday as days in transit.
Our shipping calculator in the shopping cart can be in error and at times overstates (or understates) actual shipping costs. Large orders with 30-40 pounds of chemicals and dye may have shipping quoted for example in the $70-80 range. This may be overstated by almost double and if so, we will edit your actual shipping costs lower in your cart before we capture your payment. If you would like a more accurate shipping quote on your order, phone us at 303-763-9730 during working hours on weekdays and we'll be happy to tell you the actual shipping costs you will be charged. Otherwise know, that we will lower your shipping costs if we can.  Do know that orders over 50 pounds in total freight will be shipped in more than one box which can increase shipping costs. If your shipping costs are actually more than quoted, we normally ship the order at the cost quoted.




We have been selling the highest quality Procion MX® type fiber reactive fabric dye for over 36 years. 
Our dyes are ONLY designed to dye plant based materials such as CottonLinenRayonHemp, etc. They also work well on silk. They are not designed to dye wool or nylon and do not work at all on polyester. They also require a 'Dye Fixer' (soda ash) to set the dye.
We are proud to be a business that is large enough to serve your dye and dyeable clothing needs, and small enough to care about your order and give you the best customer service. We have thousands of pounds of dye and auxiliary chemicals in stock at all times. 
We're happy to answer any of your questions. If you are unsure of how to use our dyes, please call us at 303-763-9730 or 1-800-697-1566.

Our quality and service set us apart!

Interested in learning more? We have a full length 'beginners information' video lesson! See more on our channel here.

 We sell our dyes to be used and enjoyed by our customers, we do not sell dyes for resale. We do not offer bulk kits.