Dancing Robin

We are extremely proud of the blanks that make up our Dancing Robin Collection. We make sure everything we offer is high quality and perfect for dyeing - we’re so excited to share these Made To Be Dyed blanks with you.

All "Made To Be Dyed" for complete dye coverage - hemmed with Cotton Thread

  Dimensions are approximate and may vary. Tapestries, blankets, or bandana’s may not be perfectly square. These are not mass-manufactured blanks, they are made in small batches by humans.


(6/8/22) A note about the availability of Dancing Robin T-Shirts: 


We dreamed of making a shirt that some people loved as much as we do. Our dreams came true and the demand for these shirts has exploded faster then we can re-stock them. These shirts are not mass produced, and are sewn for us by humans in a small exclusive shop and our orders for these has overwhelmed our supply chain. We have run out of XL, 2XL, and 3XL sizes, and will likely run out of more sizes sooner rather than later. More are in the works, but it will be quite some time before they arrive back in stock.


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