Chemicals Used for Dyeing (During)

Urea is used in tie dyeing, or other direct application dyeing. It is generally not used in solid color dyeing or Ice Dyeing. Moisture is an important component of the chemical reaction process. Urea helps draw moisture to the chemical reaction, helping the dye penetrate the fabric. Urea also helps large amounts of dye powder dissolve in small amounts of water. We estimate that one pound of Urea will prepare enough chemical water to tie-dye about 16 to 18 t-shirts. 5 pounds will therefore prepare enough for about 80 shirts.

Water Softener is used in both tie-dye and solid color dyeing. Dyes simply work better in soft water. One eight ounce bag of water softener will tie dye approximately 160 t-shirts.

Ludigol is used in tie dyeing or other direct application dyeing. It is generally not used in solid color dyeing.

 In the past, Ludigol was thought to be an important ingredient, helping the dye stay stronger when mixed for a long period of time. However, we have done numerous tests and feel it is less important now than it once was. Dyes have become stronger and more robust, and through extensive testing, we have found Ludigol does not hold the same importance that it used to.

Ludigol has also become more expensive and difficult to find, as it has already been deemphasized by many in their dyeing processes. We currently have a small amount of Ludigol left on hand, and once we run out, it is unknown when it will be available again. You can comfortably skip using Ludigol in your Dye mix, and should not see any negative difference in results.

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